High experienced consultant in different fields: Information and Communication Technology – Electronic and Electric Systems – Infrastructure projects – Planning (especially nation wide master planning) – Feasibility studies – consultation in establishing and evolution of ICT projects at both National and institution levels.

By drawing upon extensive internal and external resources and expertise in system design and implementation, we provide Consultation not limited to the area of Information Strategies, Planning and Integration but also includes all of the mentioned activities and jointly with consultants of other disciplines. Also through the software development we do consultation processes in different fields due to Guide’s deep experience in other activities to enhance the integration …

Having been involved in the provision of teaching for a number of years, our teams of instructors provide the practical of any computer-based application

In consultation, we actively use skills and experience to assist clients in setting up working methods and use existing Tools and Technology in implementing systems. Our capabilities in providing strategic directions, architecture adapted allow us to provide our clients with an outstanding service from the inception of project.

Strategic planning and enterprise management is the key issues that occupy top executives in maintaining strong, profitable and competitive companies. The close link between enterprise management and information technology strategy means addressing these issues as increasingly complex process compounded by rapidly Developed Technology.
As a related business, we are actively involved in providing management consultation particularly in the areas of System Integration, Information Technology, and Planning. .

Some of our customers

National Bank of EGYPT.

Egyptian Company for clubs.

EHAF Company.

Cables Egyptian Company

The Egyptian General Economical Authority for Water in Menia Governorate (MEGAWS).