Tools & Engineering trade Companies

Guide Company made 12 applications for 12 department in Trade & Engineering companies
- wages system
- Monitoring system and warehouse accounts
- System of financial accounts and budgets
- Procurement system and su

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Developing management systems for Sports federation & clubs

Guide developed management system for sports federation & clubs which saves time, effort & resource

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Developing Insturments

Guide developed many machines & instruments using PLC & FPGA boards
Guide developed marble scissors using PLC
Guide developed solar tracker using FPGA

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Program Name: Health Reform Project .

Customer Name: British Colombia Health Industry Development Office . System Modules: Health system analysis in co-operation with British Colombia .

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Developing ERP system from Supreme Council of Antiquities

This ERP system for Wages, Inventory, Sub Stores, Ticket Stores, Exploited places, Museum & Finance Departments. Till NOW Guide has maintenance contract

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Program Name : General Authority for Investment Integrated Information System GAFI IIIS .Program Nam

Customer Name : General Authority for Investmentand Free Zones . System Modules : Systems ofthe General Authority for Investment and Free Zones Information (90 applications)

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Financial System

Financial System :Integrated financial accounting system which includes also (in addition to Financial Statements) inventory management, HR, and other apsects.

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